BASF will further enhance the innovation capabilit

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BASF further improves the innovation capability of the Asia Pacific region

BASF further improves the innovation capability of the Asia Pacific region

on April 28, 2021

on April 27, BASF officially launched the third phase construction of Shanghai innovation park. The expansion includes the construction of a new R & D building and an R & D technology building for extruders as critical processing equipment, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022. By then, the total investment of BASF in Shanghai innovation park will reach about 280million euros

simulation rendering of BASF Shanghai Innovation Park Phase III

this expansion demonstrates BASF's firm commitment to continuously improve its innovation capability in China and the entire Asia Pacific region. BASF will further strengthen its R & D capabilities in advanced materials and systems, chemical engineering and other fields to serve the growing industry demand, covering automotive, construction, coating and other fields

BASF Shanghai innovation park is the largest R & D base in BASF Asia Pacific region. At present, the third phase of the project has broken ground

overview of Shanghai innovation park

more than 700 R & D personnel

completed in November 2012, and completed the construction of the second phase of expansion technical parameters in November 2015

the Asia Pacific automotive application R & D center and process catalyst R & D center were put into use in 2019

with the Asia Pacific Design Center

opened in May 2016, BASF's first regional design consulting center in the Asia Pacific region

undertakes design activities in the fields of characteristic materials, coating solutions, care chemicals, chemical building materials, pigments and leather chemicals with a weight reduction of 65%

provides assistance to designers at all stages of product development

BASF Shanghai innovation park has become an innovation hub for BASF and its partners. In the past five years, Shanghai innovation park has submitted a total of more than 220 patent applications for micro Vickers hardness experiments, mainly for metallurgic and metallographic research, and has played an increasingly important role in R & D and innovation in the automotive, construction and consumer goods industries

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