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Refrigerator return merchants charge packaging fees

this news the refrigerator I bought can't be refrigerated after using it for a month. The maintenance personnel still can't use it after visiting, so I asked them to return it to me. But I had to charge 120 yuan for packing. In fact, the packing box is not broken at all. Even if it is broken, it shouldn't be so expensive, should it? Yesterday, Ms. Wang, who lives on Zhonghua Road, told Ben that she was very angry about the business's decision

Ms. Wang said that in January this year, she bought a refrigerator at a shopping mall on Beijing Road and spent more than 2000 yuan. The refrigerator really worked well when I first bought it. Ms. Wang said that the refrigerator would not be able to cool after a month

then I called the after-sales service. The maintenance personnel came to visit the same day and said there was no quality problem at first. Later, I repaired it and it seemed that it could be cooled again. Two days later, when I used it again, I found the same problem again. Ms. Wang told that on the same day, she called the maintenance personnel again. The maintenance personnel said there was no problem, saying that the voltage of Ms. Wang's house was too low and unstable. Ms. Wang doesn't believe it, because other electrical appliances can be used normally, and the voltage is the same. A few days ago, Ms. Wang sent the refrigerator back to the mall and asked to return it. After several negotiations, the other party agreed, but she had to pay a 120 yuan packaging loss fee. Ms. Wang felt very wronged

then, contact the store. On this matter, a person in charge said that after testing, this refrigerator really has no quality problems. The reason why Ms. Wang said the problem may be caused by voltage instability. As for the charging of packaging fee, it is because consumers use too much adhesive tape on the outer packaging, which cannot be restored, affecting the second sales, and the manufacturer stipulates that such a packaging box costs 120 yuan. Finally, after coordination, the person in charge promised to return 120 yuan to consumers

the main reason why consumers return goods is that the product itself has quality problems, or 5 The large LCD screen cannot be used normally due to other reasons. If the consumer is not at fault during the return process, and the outer packaging fee will be charged after the return, the merchant's practice is obviously unreasonable. In a sense, this is deliberately embarrassing consumers. On this matter, the relevant person in charge of the municipal consumers' Association said that consumers have no obligation to preserve the outer packaging after purchasing goods, and relevant laws and regulations take samples at a high speed; There is no such provision in the regulation. As long as the conditions for returning and changing goods up to now meet the San Bao provision, the merchant shall not refuse to undertake the San Bao obligation because there is no packing box. Because it is not stipulated in the three guarantees that goods cannot be returned or exchanged without packing cases

the municipal consumers' Association reminds consumers and business operators that consumers should check and accept the goods on the spot when shopping and pick up the goods, and try to keep the packing boxes intact for a certain period of time, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes when returning or changing goods due to commodity quality problems. Business operators should abide by the consumer protection law and fulfill their obligation of disclosure. As for some goods that are not implemented in the regulations, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. reminds you of the following precautions: the scope of San Bao has five terms: it is mainly aimed at the quality problems of goods, which cannot be disassembled or repaired privately, or damage caused by improper use, and the San Bao voucher and valid invoice should be kept. However, as an operator, he must fulfill the obligation of disclosure and cannot shirk it afterwards

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