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Selection skills of quenching medium in fastener heat treatment

fasteners are widely used in many industries such as machinery, automobile, aviation, aerospace, construction, transportation, communication, electronics and electrical appliances, and various industries have different requirements for fasteners, including different comprehensive mechanical properties. The comprehensive mechanical properties of fasteners mainly depend on the selected materials and heat treatment quality, so it is imperative to select materials strictly and reasonably and improve the level and quality of heat treatment

heat treatment is divided into two processes: heating and cooling. The ideal heat treatment quality can be obtained by scientifically controlling the two processes respectively. Reasonable selection and scientific use of quenching medium is the essence of controlling the cooling process

I. for bolts, studs, screws, nuts and special-shaped non-standard parts dominated by ML35 (32, 40), due to the problem of material hardenability, quenching medium with fast cooling speed should be selected during heat treatment of such parts, so as to meet the requirements of hardness, metallography and mechanical properties of parts quenching

i. the product size is m4-ml6. You can choose%kr6480 polymer water-soluble quenchant because graphene can conduct electricity very effectively. If you choose 35 # #, 35A and 35S can be expanded to m18--m20

ii. The product size is M10 ~ M24, and you can choose 8 ~ 10% kr7280 water-soluble quenchant

iii. if the product size is larger than M24, you can choose Lo ~ 15% kr7280 water-soluble quenchant

iv, the products are mainly 45 # and you can choose kr6480 or kr7280 according to the size of your product

2. Let's talk about the purchase of ring stiffness testing machine today ~5crmo, 40Cr, 20MnTiB, 35VB and other bolts, studs, screws, nuts and special-shaped non-standard parts

i. if your products are mainly 35CrMo and 40Cr, you can choose krll8 quick quenching oil or 5-10% kr6480 polymer water-soluble quenching agent

II. If your product is mainly 20MnTiB, high flexibility and resilience 35VB, you can choose kr7280 or kr6480

third, kr6480 or krll8 can be selected for shallow carburized self tapping screws and pins mainly made of low carbon steel 10#, 15#, 20#, 20Cr, 1018, 1022, 10B21 and other materials

IV. krl18 quick quenching oil can be used for spring washers and retaining rings mainly made of 65Mn, 60Si2Mn, 70, etc

v. there are many kinds of products and large size span. Krll8 or kr6480 (which can meet the quenching and carburizing quenching of all alloy steels and carbon steels of a certain size) can be selected. The internal quality of workpiece depends on the quality of heat treatment. Quenching medium plays a decisive role in heat treatment, but it is the smallest part of the production cost of heat treatment. As long as we pay a little attention to quenching medium and select professional and reliable products, we can enjoy professional consultation and after-sales service, receive unexpected results, and greatly reduce the comprehensive production cost


1, Kr aims to compress the contact part between the indenter or anvil and the experimental machine. 6480 is a water-soluble quenchant with strong versatility.

2. Kr7280 is the fastest cooling water-soluble quenchant in the world at present, and is widely used in Europe.

3. Krll8 is the fastest cooling quenching oil in the world at present, with very strong material compatibility. (end)

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