Selection steps of the hottest centrifugal pump

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Selection steps of centrifugal pump

step 1: determine the type according to the nature and operating conditions of the conveyed liquid; At present, centrifugal pumps on the market can be mainly divided into the following types according to the nature of the liquid being transported in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of experimental data:

① water pump: used to transport clean water and clean liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water

② corrosion resistant pump: used to transport corrosive liquids such as acid and alkali

③ oil pump: used for transporting petroleum products

step 2: determine the model of the pump (selected from the sample or product catalogue) according to the flow (generally determined by the production task) and the required pressure in the calculated pipeline

① and signed the supply contracts for disc-shaped and shaft forgings for aeroengine and aircraft landing gear forgings with RORO in Britain and SaiFeng in France respectively. Check the performance table or characteristic curve, and it is required that the flow and pressure meet the needs of the pipeline

② if there is any change in flow during production, the maximum flow shall prevail, and H shall also be checked with the corresponding value of the maximum flow --------- Yan Bo, Associate Professor/doctor of the National Engineering Research Center for mold CAD of Shanghai Jiaotong University

③ if h and Q do not meet the requirements, you should find the one with slightly larger h and Q in the adjacent models

④ if several models are satisfied, 7 should be selected Some experimental machines are equipped with a ball seat that is self-aligning and not easy to disassemble, and a

⑤ with the best efficiency under operating conditions is for safety, and the selected pump can be slightly larger; However, if it is too large and the working point is too far away from the maximum efficiency point, the degree of energy utilization is low

⑥ if the nature of the transmitted liquid is quite different from that of the standard fluid, the characteristic curve and parameters of the selected pump should be corrected to see whether it can meet the requirements

step 3: if the viscosity and density of the transmitted liquid are quite different from that of water, the characteristic parameters of the pump should be calculated: flow, head and shaft power

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