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Selection skills of hard frame in silk printing

typical hard frame is welded by a single metal strip, which is famous for its stability. The method of fixing wire is to stick it to the metal frame with glue. When selecting a hard frame, the following factors are mainly considered:

1. The size of the frame and image

2. image resolution

3. tensile force of target wire

4. release clearance

5. silk type

6. wire angle

7. frame weight

box size is an obvious factor, because it should be suitable not only for the size of the printing machine, but also for the size of the image to be printed. Of course, in order to facilitate the accurate transmission of the image, you can choose a box appropriately larger than the image size, that is, a part of the silk outside the image is in a blank state. The larger the blank silk area, the smaller the pressure on the silk in printing, which is conducive to maintaining the accuracy of the image

image resolution determines the number of lines used. The number of lines will affect the size of the tension. A high-quality frame should be able to withstand the tension of the silk, including the extra tension generated in order to overcome the height of the release gap during printing. It should also be able to withstand the extra tension generated by the tension used to work more than 20 hours a day to compensate for the relaxation of the wire. The force produced during printing or stretching is mainly related to the type of silk material

usually, this kind of material can still maintain a good texture of the equipment. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the angle of the silk relative to the frame, but this rarely happens. However, when adjustment is necessary, it should be noted that if the tension on each side of the frame is inconsistent, it may cause deformation of the frame

from the perspective of processing, the weight of the frame is also very important when transferring plates in the workshop. Moreover, the heavy frame weight on the machine, especially on the roller printing machine, may reduce the printing speed, registration accuracy and increase the wear of machine parts. Different hard frame characteristics can be obtained by various methods. Figure 4 shows some frame characteristics. Except for solid metal CD printing frames and similar frames used in the electronic industry, most of them are made of hollow metal strips pressed from various materials. Aluminum is the most commonly used material. Steel can also be used. It is cheaper than aluminum, but it is heavy, and if it is not stainless steel, it is easy to corrode

hard here is just for your inspiration. Description of quality frame characteristics

these examples show the characteristics of hollow metal strips used to make frames. It has many types of metal mechanical properties, including square, rectangular and trapezoid (trapezoid is designed to be easy to clean). When ordering hard frames, we must ensure that the thickness of the metal strip can meet the requirements of wire tension. It should also be noted that if too much metal strip material is removed when reusing the frame, the performance of the wall (where the wire is bonded) may be degraded

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