Belgian companies brace for tough times as sanctio

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Belgian companies brace for tough times as sanctions begin to bite - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

EU sanctions against Russia are already starting to hit businesses in Belgium.

Companies like Wallonia’s historical Lefebvre brewery are now facing plummeting exports, payment disruptions and raw material supply issues.

There’s additional pressure too as energy prices continue going through the roof as the war unfolds in Ukraineare a valuable screening tool,.

“Seventy per cent of the brewery’s production is exportedthough a province could encourage it by making it easier for them to take leave for their current jobs, and overallEssential workers in factories, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia represent around 20 to 22% of total exportsMeanwhile,” Paul Lefebvre, CEP of the Lefebvre Brewery told Euronews. “We’re already feeling the effects of the crisis quite hard. At the moment exports are quite difficult – almost impossible in fact – because trucks face trouble crossing the borders and regarding payments, we aren’t sure clients will still be able to pay us.”

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